​We specialize in providing communication accessibility solutions to fit your specific needs. 


Designated Interpreters

Optimize communication accessibility with highly-trained professional Designated Interpreters who work with Deaf professionals on an on-going basis.

  • Eliminate the terminology learning curve 

  • Ensure clear, accurate communication

  • Save valuable time and money

On-call Interpreters

On-call interpreters are available on-site for general communication accessibility. An on-call interpreter facilitates daily communication, and other unscheduled communication needs that may come up.

A team of two interpreters are required for active interpreting times lasting longer than one hour.

Team Interpreters

A team of two Sign Language interpreters is required for active interpreting assignments longer than one hour in length. Interpreters alternate roles about every 20 minutes, from the active interpreting role and the teaming role.


The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), the national certifying body of Sign Language interpreters, has established professional conduct policies and standard practices on Team Interpreting.


Emergency Interpreting Services

Last Minute/ Emergency Requests:


 - During regular business hours (8AM-5PM, M-F) call 240-813-3003 and make a request for interpreting services on a last-minute or emergency basis. Premium rates apply.


 - IF OUR OFFICE IS CLOSED, and you need to reach us immediately to make a request for Last Minute/ Emergency interpreting services, contact the Interpreter on-call at 240-813-3003. Premium rates apply.

After Hours Interpreting Services

After Hours Interpreting Services:


Sign Language Interpreting Services are available 24/7. To schedule interpreters for an assignment occurring before 6AM and after 6PM, Monday through Friday, or during weekends and/or Holidays, contact our office to make a scheduling request, and we will get back with you during regular business hours.

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Discover which interpreting services fit the needs of your organization, and the consumers' needs.


Deaf Interpreters

Deaf Interpreters are highly trained Language Specialists who ensure that communication is happening accurately and effectively. Deaf Interpreters work most often in tandem with hearing interpreters. Research shows that utilizing a Deaf Interpreter as part of the interpreter team enables a level of communication which is typically not possible when hearing ASL-English interpreters work alone. The Deaf-Hearing interpreter team ensures that the spoken language message reaches the Deaf consumer in a communication form that he or she can understand, and that the Deaf consumer’s communication is conveyed accurately in spoken English. Learn More

Court Interpreters

​Certified Court Interpreters interpret under oath and are specifically trained in the judicial system's processes, terminology, and ethics. Court Interpreters interpret for a range of legal proceedings including trials, arraignments, hearings, depositions, jury duty, and more. 

See Legal Interpreting Teams

Interpreters for Entertainment Venues

Sign Language interpreters are available for Concerts, Performances, Theater, Plays, Stand-up Comedy and other entertainment venues. Materials and information about the event are gathered. Interpreter teams rehearse and may attend dress rehearsals with the performers, in advance of the entertainment event. Contact the office to get individual pricing. Learn More

Conference & Event Interpreters

Sign Language Interpreters are available for conferences, presentations, public events, and other events with an audience. Sometimes, multiple Deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers attend multiple sessions, each with an individual communication accessibility need. We provide on-site coordination  to streamline the event, and make sure consumers have access to the conference offerings. 

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More Accessibility Services for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Consumers


Video Remote Interpreting Services - VRI

Video Remote Interpreting is a modern option that utilizes technology for communication accessibility. This approach requires specific equipment and high-speed video streaming capability. VRI is not a fit for all interpreting situations. Learn More

  • Teleworking employees

  • Remote meetings

  • Online classes or trainings

  • Temporary emergency access to communication

Interpreting Services for the DeafBlind

People who are both Deaf and blind utilize their other senses to communicate. The Deafblind person places their hands on the back of the interpreter's hands, and receives the communication through touch and movements. Interpreters who work with Deafblind consumers are trained in Pro-tactile interpreting, which uses haptic communication to convey conversational feedback such as emotions and reactions, as well as environmental information through tactile mapping. Learn More

Legal Interpreting Teams

A Legal Interpreting team typically consists of a Deaf Interpreter and a hearing Sign Language Interpreter working together to monitor the consumer's comprehension, and to effectively represent communication accurately. Often the Legal Interpreting Team's interpretation is captured on video, and used as evidence in court.


Some examples of Legal Interpreting include:

  • Police interviews

  • Booking and processing

  • Reading of Miranda Rights

  • Communication access for Deaf inmates

  • Video-taped statements, interviews, and interrogations

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