Interpreting Services Terms and Conditions


Number of Interpreters Per Assignment

Assignments which require consistent interpreting for long periods of time, or are otherwise technical or physically demanding require a second interpreter. This will be evaluated at the time of the request.


Travel outside of the Metro DC area

For assignments requiring travel outside a 50 mile radius of the Washington D.C. metro area, will be billed at the hourly rate for commuting time roundtrip. Assignments which require over 100 miles of travel require reimbursement for transportation (such as airfare, hotel, train, taxi, etc.) and may also require reimbursement for overnight accommodations.

On-site Coordination Services

For events which require more than four interpreters, an Interpreter Coordination may be required after all aspects and factors of the event are identified.



Generally, interpreters require reasonable break times which will be negotiated between the interpreter and the consumer of services. Break times are limited to the needs & restrictions of the consumer, the clients, and the environment, and are therefore not unpaid.


Cancellations and No-Shows

Cancellations made less than three business days prior to the interpreting assignment will be billed. A two week (ten business days) notice of cancellation is required for assignments requiring extensive travel preparation outside of the DC Metro area (a radius of 100 miles), additional planning, or travel purchases; these assignments may be billed for expenses already incurred. “No-shows” are billed without exception.


Inclement Weather Policy

Efforts are made to ensure preparation for inclement weather. Cancellation without cost occurs only when a weather emergency has been officially declared by the local authorities. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be billed unless otherwise agreed.

Payment Terms

Net due ten business days from the invoice date, unless a different agreement is made. Invoices paid late will be assessed an additional 5.0% for each additional 10 business day period. Payment is accepted by check, *credit card, or bank transfer. *credit card processing fees apply


Interpreter Availability

Interpreter services are subject to scheduling availability.


Prices Subject To Change

Contact us and get a quote, guaranteed until the end of the year.