*SAVE MONEY* by hiring a Designated Interpreter

While it may seem a Designated Interpreter would cost more than the basic on-call hourly sign language interpreter services, given the interpreter’s level of skill and the increased benefits for the workplace, this is not the case. In fact, utilizing a Designated Interpreter could save you more than 50% of the typical daily rate. When it comes to Sign Language Interpreters, the lowest hourly rate does not always mean the best deal (1). Often companies will focus on finding the lowest hourly rate, and find out later that a team of two interpreters is required for assignments lasting over one hour (2). You may find yourself paying double the "lower" hourly rate.

A Designated interpreter can work with the Deaf professional’s schedule to both meet communication demands and satisfy the interpreter's need for pauses between interpreting durations. Only one interpreter is required for the entire work day, and besides a savings of 50% on interpreter costs, when you work with our company, we offer an additional 30 minutes of Designated Interpreter services, free of charge (3).

Additional perks: A Designated Interpreter provides communication access during the Deaf Professional’s breaks, lunches, conversation in between meetings, “water cooler” discussions with coworkers, and other down time, which are when most collaborations, networking, and team building typically occur. These communication opportunities are crucial to success, and often taken for granted by people who are not Deaf or hard-of-hearing. Generally, these services are not included with on-call and team interpreting services.

Designated Interpreter Specialists LLC is committed to the well being of sign language interpreters with whom we have the privilege of working with. Designated Interpreters do not take unpaid breaks, and are available to actively interpret up to five-ninths of the work day. To protect the interpreter from repetitive motion injury and traumatic stress, the designated interpreter is available to interpret consistently for durations of about an hour at a time.

(1) Learn more about fake interpreters and associated risks

(2) See Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Standard Practices for Repetitive Motion Injury

(3) See Terms and Conditions

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